Funded family mediation

The Federal Ministry for Family and Youth offers funded family mediation. This allows low-income families an opportunity to be able to resolve their conflicts through mediation.

Funded family mediation can be claimed by couples who cannot agree on issues of separation, divorce and division of property, and on maintenance or access rights to their children.

Two mediators run the funded family mediation - one has legal and the other a psychosocial training. The cost for one hour of mediation with a mediation team is €220. The funding for this depends on the family’s income. This must be demonstrated by means of wage confirmation, such as pay slips or similar.

The funding can only be accessed if the mediation is performed by mediators who are included in the list drawn up by the Ministry of Family and Youth. The AVM, together with the ÖBVP (Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy) is one of the legal entities listed for funded family mediation.


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