The AVM publicises extrajudicial methods of dispute resolution within and outside the legal profession. We highlight the potential for lawyers’ future career orientation.


In the interests of the profession, we want to help shape legislative proposals in the field of alternative dispute resolution. We’re able to do this by staying in close contact with our own professional organization the Austrian Bar, as well as the legislature, and with representatives of the public.


With us you can train and continue your training as a mediator, collaborative lawyer and collaborative practitioner. In our courses and seminars you learn the rules, methods, and practices as well as the necessary “soft skills” such as communication, self-awareness, elocution and body language. National and international speakers add their expertise and experience. Most of our seminars are recognized training modules within the Civil Law Mediation Act for mediators.


Ordinary members who meet the requirements of the AVM can be registered as mediators and/or collaborative lawyers with us. Associate members can be listed as collaborative practitioners with us. Together with the ÖBVP, the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy, we also provide a register for funded family mediation.


The AVM is represented on the Ministry of Justice’s Advisory Board for mediation. It is a member of the Österreichisches Netzwerk Mediation (Austrian Mediation Network) and is involved with the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) working group and Collaborative Law working group that belong to the umbrella organization ÖRAK.


We communicate the possibilities for extrajudicial dispute settlement via the press and public relations, professional communication, professional articles in industry media such as the Anwaltsblatt, at events, and by participating in panel discussions.


We have a continuing exchange and cooperation with national and international organizations and associations in the fields of mediation as well as collaborative law/practice.


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